What is retargeting? And how can Quaartz Insights help?

Retargeting made simple with AI

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Retargeting is one of the key aspects of SEA and Digital Marketing as it targets users who once visited your website and know about what you do or sell. It’s a great tool to complement your acquisition campaigns and increase your conversion rates, especially as Google Analytics provides you with a great variety of data on your website visitors.

But all this data can feel like too much, and we all know that creating these retargeting campaigns audience with Google Analytics can be painful for a digital marketer. Should we include every visitor of the website? Or should we only include those who performed added something to their shopping cart? Maybe we should also consider demographics? 

Every data-driven digital marketer is familiar with these questions and has spent hours losing its cool by trying to make sense of the Google Analytics data to figure out which are the best retargeting audiences – often ending in remarketing campaigns which are either too wide and minimize the ROAS or too specific and do not produce enough conversions.

But there is a solution! As we explored in this blog post, Artificial Intelligence can be a powerful tool for Digtal Marketing audience definition: more insights quicker and a great way to discover new trends and underlying patterns to build powerful campaigns. The only hassle? You need AI skills… or a product designed for what you want to achieve!

That’s why we created Quaartz Insights. It is an AI-based Analytics solution designed for digital marketers. In less than 5 minutes, marketers get a full analysis of their Google Analytics data and insights on the key factors of conversion of their website, based on what visitors actually did on the same website!

Not only does Quaartz Insights provide you with fast audience insights on the key factors of conversion, it also allows you to simulate different retargeting scenarios and see what would be their impact on your real-life retargeting campaigns. These data-driven simulations can then be exported to Google Analytics to create conversion-ready audiences and launch your retargeting campaigns?

Curious to see more? You can create your own Trial account here or read this article on how to use Quaartz Insights.

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