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Audience Insights Retargeting Artificial Intelligence

12 months


Monthly fee 80€

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What's included in our plans:

💻 Connect as many Google Analytics accounts as you need (limited offer)

😎 Import your Google Analytics data easily

📈 Share predictive audience analysis with your team

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“What a gain of time when using Quaartz Insights.”
Ronan Carrein
Data Analytics Director,
SEA Agency, Better & Stronger


Quaartz Insights gives you the best audience definition for your retargeting campaigns by using your Google Analytics data.

First, connect Quaartz Insights with Google Analytics, then select the type of prediction you want to make with your data.

Our AI engine will analyze your Google Analytics data and gives you the best insights to build retargeting audiences to convert your visitors in minutes.

Then add this new audience in one click to your Google Analytics account, launch a campaign in Google Ads with it and voila!

We use symbolic regression to create models that are expressed as a simple mathematical formula. The resulting formula is readable by users. They can understand it. What they see is what they get. Meanwhile, the algorithm selects some criteria from the data set to create the formula. Those criteria appear in the resulting mathematical formula.

Our AI provides users with the means to understand the model, to explore it. It’s a white box model, a transparent model.

The Audience Builder Tool displays the key variables extracted from your Google Analytics  data. Furthermore, you can play with these key variables to test their combination and impact.

Currently, Quaartz Insights only works with Google Universal Analytics. We will be implementing new connectors soon, including Google Analytics 4, which will be next.

No, as Quaartz Insights relies on Google Analytics data to deliver audience definition insights.

Quaartz Insights costs €98 / month without commitment, or €960 for a one-year subscription.


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