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frequently asked questions


Yes, you can create a 45-day Free Trial Quaartz Insights account. You will benefit from Quaartz Insights with all the features as for a paid license. Click here to create your Free Trial Quaartz Insights account.

There are 2 pricing options:

  • Annual subscription with a one-shot payment: 960 euros (80 euros/month)
  • Annual subscription with a monthly payment: 1176 euros (98 euros/month)

Click here to get full pricing information.

Click here to purchase your Quaartz Insights annual license

Quaartz Insights gives you the best audience definition for your retargeting campaigns by using your Google Analytics data.

First, connect Quaartz Insights with Google Analytics, then select the type of prediction you want to make with your data.

Our AI engine will analyze your Google Analytics data and gives you the best insights to build retargeting audiences to convert your visitors in minutes.

Then add this new audience in one click to your Google Analytics account, launch a campaign in Google Ads with it and voila!

We created a visualization tool called the Audience Builder Tool that displays the critical variables selected from the data set to create the model and allows you to dynamically vary the criteria and see their impact on the result.

You can connect as many Google Analytics accounts to your Quaartz Insights account.

Each Quaartz Insights licence is available for one year and cannot be canceled, postponed, or refunded in any manner whatsoever.

Quaartz Insights is a cross-platform web application that requires few resources (recent web browser and compatible memory). It works on most devices: tablets, laptops and computers.


We use symbolic regression to create models that are expressed as a simple mathematical formula. The resulting formula is readable by users. They can understand it. What they see is what they get. Then the algorithm selects some criteria from the data set to create the formula. And those criteria appear in the resulting mathematical formula.

Our AI provides users with the means to understand the model, to explore it. It’s a white box model, a transparent model.

You can use Google Analytics Universal data for the moment. Soon you will be able to use Google Analytics 4 and CRM data, stay tuned!

It depends on the quantity of data you use for your analysis, wider is your data range, longer the analysis will take. Be patient!

The maximum capacity of data accepted by our AI engine is 50Mo. This should be widely enough to cover your analysis. In case your data exceed this limit, we recommend you to lower the “Date Range” of your analysis.

In case it takes too long (more than 30 minutes), we recommend you to refresh your page and try again. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

We recommend you to increase the date range of your data. Having more data will help the AI engine. In case the performance is still not satisfying for you, the only solution is to wait until you have more data and try Quaartz Insights again at that moment.