An introduction to AI for Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a buzz word and is already changing our lives: think of Siri on your phone or the recommendations you get on your favourite food-ordering app. The paradox is that most Digital Marketing experts know that AI is here to help, but don’t know where to start. This short article will try and untangle a few knots to help you start the right way with AI and transform you into a superhero of AI-driven marketing! 

Where is Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

Once again, let’s refer to the Britannica definition: AI is the ability of a digital computer to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. 

It doesn’t mean that AI will replace the seasoned marketing expert – it will be an additional tool to improve its performances on three main topics:

  • Marketing productivity and efficiency to identify quicker what are the best ways to grow your business;
  • ROI optimization by spending money only where it matters;
  • Revenue growth by executing well-thought, spot-on marketing strategies.

All of this sounds familiar? It makes sense: AI-driven digital marketing is the logical continuation of data-driven marketing, and it touches every aspect of the modern marketing department.

Need more insights for digital marketing? Use AI.

But let’s focus on AI for digital marketing. It focuses on improving conversion rates, being for lead generation or e-commerce. To do so, digital marketers use Marketing Analytics tools to gather and analyze data and provide insights for their campaigns with a Test-learn-adapt iterative approach.

This process is well-known and a base to be a data-driven marketer – but as more and more data is collected every day, finding the right insights is like looking for a needle in a haystack: it takes time, we don’t know what to look for, where to look at and in the end we repeat the same tactics than before, hoping that it will work.

Enter AI-driven marketing solutions. When fed with the right data, these tools can analyze much more data than the human brain, in much less time, and analyze this data to deliver relevant insights without being overwhelmed. Digital Marketers are then free to follow these insights and integrate them in their test-learn-adapt-approach: anyways, AI won’t get annoyed if you don’t listen to its recommendations!

Need to adapt your marketing tactics quickly? Use AI.

B2B and B2C markets are constantly evolving, which obviously impact trends and collected data. That’s why marketers need fresh, actionable insights from their data to keep in line with the markets and adapt their strategies and tactics accordingly.

By using AI-driven marketing tools on this fresh data on a regular basis, you can get fast, up-to-date insights and turn them into actionable levers for growth.

In a nutshell, what can AI do to help digital marketing?

To summarize the impact of AI on digital marketing, here are a few use cases:

  • What content delivers the most critical engagement and SEO performance;
  • Optimize e-mail send times, subject and pacing to imrpove open rates;
  • Generate compelling brand interaction to improve the buyer journey;
  • Determining the most relevant product search results and product recommendations;
  • Optimize ad purchases and campaigns ;
  • Identify the key features of your customers to predict your future ones.

And if you are interested in the latter, have a look at our article introducing Quaartz Insights, our solution to make Google Analytics audience definition easy and painless – it might give you a few ideas!

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Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing
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An introduction to AI for Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a buzz word and is already changing our lives: think of Siri on your phone or the recommendations you