What AI-powered insights can bring to Digital Marketers

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing

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Since its launch in 2005, Google Analytics has become the go-to solution for marketers to pilot their website traffic and grow conversions.

However, most of the marketers find it difficult to get fast actionable insights out of Google Analytics: too much data, too many reports, not enough time to analyze the right data and make differences. 

It probably sounds familiar to you, and we’re sure you already explored data visualization and dashboards to make it clearer. But what if we told you that AI can help you get fast insights to target the right audience, improve your ROAS and ultimately grow your business?

A quick reminder on what Google Analytics does

Basically, Google Analytics collects data on your website and people who visit it.

It will collect raw data, such as the number of visitors or sessions per day, how many pages are viewed, what are the most popular pages and so on. It also tracks traffic sources to indicate which are the most valuable sources to get visitors. It then computes these data to give the marketer statistics and metrics on their website. 
Of course, it does much more, but you probably already know about it – so let’s focus on the most important aspect: Google Analytics collects and organizes data, and data is the fuel for AI – so what can AI do to better use this data?

AI as the natural evolution of Digital Marketing

If we have a look at the Britannica website, AI is “the ability of a digital computer to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.” 

For Google Analytics in Digital Marketing, it means that an AI can do what you do on a daily basis, i.e. analyze the data provided by Google Analytics and give you insights about your audience for retargeting purposes for instance. And the beauty of it is that it can do it in minutes so that you can focus on what really matters: finding ways to convert more visitors into customers and increase your income!

That is what an AI-based analytics solution such as Quaartz Insights does to help digital marketing experts be better at what they do.

For instance, based on your Google Analytics data from the last month, you can discover in minutes that visitors based in France over 50 tend to purchase your products from mobile between 6pm and 10pm  while visitors from the UK would rather use their personal computer in the morning to do so. You can then adapt your retargeting campaigns to these insights by creating specific audiences and make sure than you address the right persons in the right conditions!

So, in a nutshell, here are the benefits of using AI-powered solutions for Digital marketing:

  • You spend minutes, not hours analyzing your data;
  • You spend less on your retargeting campaigns;
  • You retarget the right persons;
  • You increase your conversions;
  • You improve your ROAS.

Sounds interesting? Give it a try and see by yourself on your own data with our 45-day free trial of Quaartz Insights

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